If you want to relax and sleep well….don’t watch the news !

Yes folks, its one of the most basic Relaxation techniques – Rules of Don’t®,
but if you are having trouble sleeping at night, then don’t watch the news…


Well, invariably it is bad news that gets reported – which can cause the subconscious to go into overdrive.

Its also a stimulant – watching the TV makes you more alert, even if you think it makes you tired.

Put the two together, and hey presto – Noisy Mind here we come.

And when your mind starts, how on earth can you relax? You may not be thinking about the news items you watched, but stimulation and bad news is enough to keep those gray-cells racing…and so when all is quiet and you try to sleep, the Noisy Mind starts all over again.
When you do fall asleep and perhaps walk up in the night, you mind is still at break-neck speed so falling back again can take more time.

Relaxation Techniques for Sleep

Just try this for a week – Switch off the news.

Don’t watch it.

Be brave – switch it off…

I bet you’re thinking “I can’t live without the news – its important to know whats going on”

Is it?

If you want to know what is happening in the world, ask someone!
“I didn’t see the news last night, anything juicy happening?”
You will get a brief overview without the detail, and your mind won’t get cluttered with all of the negativity, and you will get the rest it needs.

Then you will have space to be more active, more effective, more efficient – that will give you more personal profit…which is what most of us strive for all of the time.

Trust me – this is what I do myself. That’s why I know these relaxation techniques really work.

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